Hygienic Pet Litter

BENTOPRODUCT has developed a clumping hygienic pet litter produced from the high-quality bentonite which is used for efficient moisture absorption and odour control. Our hygienic pet litter is completely natural, contains very low content of dust and it is completely harmless to human and pet health.


Hygienic pet litter produced from the high-quality granulated bentonite for efficient moisture absorption and odour control


Our hygienic pet litter B-Gran has more than average content of active mineral montmorillonite which places it among the best products within this category. Once in contact with the liquid, the litter performs optimal clumping and forms lumps which are easily eliminated from the pet toilet box, leaving the rest of the litter suitable for further use.

Hygienic pet litter B-Gran has extremely low content of dust.

B-Gran is produced in several different size granules which can be adjusted to the customer's request.

Due to its exceptional properties of moisture and odours absorption it may also be used as a desiccant (moisture absorbing material).


BENTOPRODUCT offers to its customers and partners exceptional technical support free-of-charge. Our expert team is available to our customers and partners to provide additional information about product application in order to achieve the optimal results.


BENTOPRODUCT has developed an efficient and reliable system for order receipt and it offers to its partners well organized and on-time delivery of requested products.


BENTOPRODUCT applies a strict five-level quality control system, on regular basis. BENTOPRODUCT operates in accordance with the Integrated Management System that implies ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018. For some programs we have also implemented HACCP, HALAL and KOSHER standards.

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