BENTOPROCARBO is an excellent bentonite binder with lustrous carbon formers used for preparation of sand moulds for casting of iron (grey, ductile, vermicular, white malleable iron).

BENTOPROCARBO is produced by careful mixing of bentonite binder BENTOPRO-A and quality mineral lustrous carbon formers of natural origin, in order to obtain a completely homogenized mixture of bentonite binder and lustrous carbon formers in a form of fine powder of uniform granulation.

The lustrous carbon formers significantly improve potential of bentonite binder in terms of increasing the resistance of casting surface to casting defects (particularly in conditions of increased intake of various resins from the core sand), including the improved separation of the mould from the casting surface after the casting process is completed. This has a positive impact on the quality of casting surface, as well as on the cost-effectiveness of the casting process.

The lustrous carbon formers which are used to produce BENTOPROCARBO are of natural origin. When in contact with hot liquid metal the carriers burn, the hydrocarbon gases are formed and in reduction atmosphere they create lustrous carbon which is then released on the mould surface in contact with the liquid metal.

This release of lustrous carbon significantly reduces the undesirable chemical reactions which usually occur on the mould surface in contact with the hot metal and have negative impact on the casting surface causing various deformations. The lustrous carbon also decreases the possibility of liquid metal to penetrate into the mould surface; its soft phase at high temperatures helps reduce the consequences of quartz sand expanding and enables improved separation of the mould from the metal after the casting process is completed, which reduces the loss of sand from the system.

BENTOPROCARBO is produced with different content (20%, 25%, 30%, 35%, 40%) of lustrous carbon formers depending on the needs of a specific foundry, its technological process and production program.

BENTOPROCARBO is characterized by excellent binding properties, good thermal stability and stable quality. It can be used on different lines for preparation of sand mould and casting, including the highly automated production lines.

Depending on the concentration of the lustrous carbon formers and specific needs of the casting process, BENTOPROCARBO can be used alone or in combination with BENTOPRO-A (one-component or two-component approach).

BENTOPROCARBO is manufactured exclusively from the natural raw materials and with full attention to avoid the unacceptable effects on the environment, working conditions and human health.

Some of the expected effects of using BENTOPROCARBO are:

  • Improved casting surface
  • High dimensional precision
  • Improved resistance to casting defects, reduced level of scrap rates
  • Improved separation of the mould from the casting surface
  • Improved cost-effectiveness of casting process


  • 25 kg (paper bags on a pallet 1.000 kg, protected with plastic foil)
  • 1 ton (big bags)
  • In bulk (delivered by silo truck)

BENTOPRODUCT offers reliable, continuous and on-time deliveries according to the customer's requests.


To be stored in original packaging in dry place.

Shelf life: 2 years.

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