Premium bentonite of exceptional purity for efficient clarification and stabilization of proteins in wine and fruit juices


Combined calcium and sodium activated bentonite of exceptional purity and high efficiency for the use in ultrafiltration systems


Agents for stabilization of proteins in wine and fruit juices

Group of products BP CLARIS has been designed for efficient clarification and stabilization of proteins in wine and fruit juices. Group consists of Claris-p and Claris-p UF (specially designed for the use in specific ultrafiltration systems) products. Bentonite used for production of these agents is exploited by careful selection of raw material from the mine surrounded with pristine nature in the vicinity of Sipovo (BiH) and under the strict professional supervision.

The content of active mineral montmorillonite, which is of crucial importance for clarification process, is higher than 90% in all BP Claris products, which place them among the best products in this category.

Reserves of high-quality raw bentonite guarantee long-term and stable deliveries of consistent premium quality of the products.



Claris-p is an agent for clarification and stabilization of proteins in wine and fruit juices. It is produced from premium quality bentonite of extreme purity in the form of a very fine powder, with extremely low content of soluble iron (<0,015%). Our products have been repeatedly and thouroghly tested in several EU certified laboratories for the content of elements that can have harmful effects on the human health, or on the quality of wine and fruit juices. The obtained results are very favourable and completely meet the requirements of the International Oenological Codex and current EU norms regulating the use of additional agents in the food industry. The results of previous tests on wine must and wine related to the efficiency and influence on the sensory properties of wine show that Claris-p is a premium product in its class and that it can be listed as one of the best products of this kind that can be found on the market.

Microbiological tests are part of regular quality control. Our products completely meet the most demanding requirements concerning the protection of human health and environment.

Taking into account the specific requirements of oenologists and technologists, and following the various approaches to clarification and protein stabilization, we have decided to produce Claris-p in several different formulations (Claris-pc, Claris-p30, Claris-p50, Claris-p70) depending on the content of calcium and sodium activated bentonite. In this way we make it easy for the experts to conduct laboratory tests and industrial trials and thus determine which of our products would best meet the needs of their specific technology and approach.

Our products have been designed to meet the expectations of the most demanding wine and fruit juice producers. Depending on the approach used by the producer our products help create optimal combination for clarification in wine must prior to fermentation, for clarification in the initial phase of fermentation and for final clarification and stabilization after the fermentation.

Before it is added to the must or wine, Claris-p must be hydrated first. We recommend to use distilled water pre-heated to 50°C. Detailed instructions for hydration can be found in the technical data sheet. Each formulation shows an excellent clarification capacity compared to the similar competition products which is why it is very important to perform the test for determining the optimal dosage in order to use all the benefits of our products and thus achieve optimal effects of clarification in cost-effective way.

Our expert team will be pleased to provide information about the main characteristics of the products so that you are aware what to pay special attention to during tests and trials and how to use our premium products to achieve your visions and goals.

Claris UF

Claris-p30 UF and p50 UF are combined calcium and sodium activated bentonite of extreme purity produced in the form of a very fine powder intended for the clarification and stabilization absorption of proteins and colloids in fruit juices, adjusted for the use in ultrafiltration systems.

Claris-p30 UF and p50 UF are produced from carefully selected bentonite from our own mine. The high percentage of active mineral montmorillonite (88-92%) secures high efficiency of the products.

Due to their extremely small particle size (very fine powder) and low level of solids content (below 1%) these products preserve filter membranes and pumps from damage and abrasion during the ultrafiltration process.


BENTOPRODUCT offers to its customers and partners exceptional technical support free-of-charge. Our expert team is available to our customers and partners to provide additional information about product application in order to achieve the optimal results.


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BENTOPRODUCT applies a strict five-level quality control system, on regular basis. BENTOPRODUCT operates in accordance with the Integrated Management System that implies ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018. For some programs we have also implemented HACCP, HALAL and KOSHER standards.

About us

BENTOPRODUCT Ltd. is a manufacturer of high-quality bentonite-based products. The installed capacity enables the production of about 50 000 tons of various, top quality products. We operate in accordance with the Integrated Management System. We have implemented the following standards: ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, ISO 45001:2018, HACCP, HALAL, KOSHER.

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