Claris-p30 UF and p50 UF are combined calcium and sodium activated bentonite of exceptional purity produced in the form of a very fine powder intended for the clarification and stabilization absorption of proteins and colloids in fruit juices, adjusted for the use in ultrafiltration systems.

Claris-p30 UF and p50 UF are produced from carefully selected bentonite from our own mine. The high percentage of active mineral montmorillonite (88-92%) secures high efficiency of the products which only differ in the content of calcium and sodium activated bentonite.

Due to their extremely small particle size (very fine powder) and low level of solids content (below 1%) these products preserve filter membranes and pumps from the damage and abrasion during the ultrafiltration process.

Claris-p30 and p50 UF must be hydrated prior to the use. Hydration is very important phase in the preparation of the product for the use and is achieved by mixing the product with water. The best effects are obtained with the use of distilled water pre-heated to 40-50°C in the initial phase of hydration. The use of distilled water instead of the fresh one, particularly the hard water, has beneficial effects on the product efficiency. Claris-p30 UF, p50 UF can also be hydrated in fresh and cold water. It is necessary to keep close attention to strict hygienic conditions under which hydration should be performed. Also, prior to the use, it must be checked if the suspension is uncontaminated and odourless.

The results of studies conducted so far related to the efficiency of protein stabilization and influence on sensory properties have shown that Claris-p30 and Claris-p50 are premium products of its kind and can be considered as some of the best products for this application.

Microbiological tests are part of regular quality control. Our products completely meet the most demanding requirements concerning the protection of human health and environment.

Each formulation shows an excellent clarification capacity compared to the similar competition products which is why it is very important to perform the test for determining the optimal dosage in order to use all the benefits of our products and thus achieve optimal effects of clarification in cost-effective way.


Claris-p30 UF and p50 UF are packed and distributed in specially selected and designed packaging that prevents harmful effects of moisture, sun light and odours on the product quality, in plastic bags of 1kg and 20kg.

BENTOPRODUCT offers reliable, continuous and on-time deliveries according to the customer's requests.


Claris-p UF has exceptional absorption properties and it must be stored in well closed original packaging until the use. It should be kept in dark, clean, dry and ventilated storage. It must be protected from being exposed to moisture and odours. The producer is not responsible for the quality of product in case of improper storage.

Shelf life: 2 years. The shelf life is valid if the product is kept in closed original packaging. After it is opened it should be used as soon as possible.

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