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BENTOCARPET is a geosynthetic clay liner (GCL) manufactured from the equally distributed, high swelling sodium activated bentonite granules, placed between carefully selected non-woven and woven geotextiles which are mechanically bonded by special needle-punching method (needle-punching through all components) in order to achieve desirable shear resistance.

Geotextiles offer a long lasting resistance to physical or chemical break-down under difficult conditions, while high swelling and low hydraulic permeability of bentonite provide an effective hydraulic sealing. Bentonite granules are produced from specially selected bentonite with montmorillonite content of ≥85%, with continuous careful exploitation and processing monitoring.

A specific design and placement of needles, along with the selected geotextiles and high-quality bentonite granules, make BENTOCARPET perfect choice for the construction of durable, self-healing hydraulic barriers in various construction projects.

Due to its exceptional properties, BENTOCARPET is recommended for the following main applications:


BENTOCAPRET is an excellent choice for the construction and remediation of bottom and cover sealing layers for different types of landfills.


BENTOCARPET is extremely suitable for the construction of road and rail infrastructure, airport surfaces and similar areas for transport infrastructure. With its exceptional hydraulic and mechanical properties, BENTOCARPET prevents migration of fluids through embankments, protects their stability and effectively prevents contaminated fluids from entering the surrounding soil, including deeper soil layers, protecting thus groundwater from pollution.


BENTOCARPET is very suitable for the construction and management of embankments, canals, river waterways, surface reservoirs, artificial lakes, ponds, swimming pools etc.


BENTOCARPET is extremely suitable for the construction and protection of chemical storages, various types of tanks (for fuel, oil and other hazardous waste), waste treatment/destruction facilities, liquid waste underground tanks, transshipment stations and similar, where BENTOCARPET is used as an effective secondary barrier that prevents the leakage of harmful substances into surrounding soil and groundwater.

BENTOCARPET was tested and certified by the Slovenian National Building and Civil Engineering Institute (CERTIFICATE-ZAG), after which we obtained the right to apply CE marking and issue the Declaration of Conformity in accordance with the EU standards regulating the application of bentonite mats (GCL).


Installation of BENTOCARPET is quick and easy provided it is performed by highly skilled, well-equipped and experienced contractor. The contractor is recommended to request detailed instructions and technical support from the producer. In order to make the installation easier, the woven and non-woven geotextiles are marked with longitudinal lines for overlapping areas. To seal the overlapping areas we provide bentonite microgranules in paper bags of 25kg.


  • BENTOCARPET is delivered in a form of a roll covering around 200 m2 with a weight of about 1 t per roll. Each roll is wrapped in LDPE foil with UV protection.
  • Upon the customer's request, the roll may be equipped with a pair of slings with carrying capacity of 1t, for the safe handling.

BENTOPRODUCT offers reliable, continuous and on-time deliveries according to the customer's requests.


Rolls should be stored in original, undamaged packaging at the construction site and close enough to the installation place so to minimize the handling time. The storage area must be flat, dry and stable. It is recommended to cover the stored rolls with tarpaulin or nylon material. Rolls should be arranged in a way to prevent them from sliding or rolling.

BENTOCARPET should be installed in the prescribed manner, within a year from the date of delivery. During this period it must be kept in original, undamaged packaging in accordance with the producer's recommendations.

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