Green FIELD is a completely natural mineral additive for the use in agriculture, gardening and horticulture for the soil improvement. It is produced from calcium (Ca) or optimal sodium activated (Na) bentonite with high percentage of active mineral montmorillonite (75-85%). The product is made in the form of powder, fine or coarse granules, and it is applied by mixing it in certain proportion with the surface layer of soil. Bentonite used for producing Green FIELD has extremely high power of adsorbing water, minerals and other nutrients, so when mixed with soil it will prevent its premature drying and leaching of minerals. Green FIELD improves the quality of soil by creating clay-humus layer and it improves composting. It may be used as a carrier or an active component in complex products for soil supplementation. It is suitable for the preparation of substrates for organic and biodynamic production.

Due to its specific properties and completely natural composition, Green FIELD is recommended to be used for the following purposes:

  • Mineral additive for improvement of soil structure
  • Mineral additive for improvement of soil capabilities to retain water and nutrients, specifically with sandy and light soils, and soils exposed to heavy sun radiation
  • Mineral additive for prevention of decay and bad odours during composting
  • Mineral binding agent in suspensions for the so-called hydro-seeding at slopes
  • Seed-coating agent
  • Additive in production of organic and mineral soil fertilizers
  • Agent for decontamination of polluted soils.


  • 25 kg (paper bags on a pallet 1.000 kg, protected with plastic foil)
  • 1 ton (big bags)
  • In bulk (delivered by silo truck)

BENTOPRODUCT offers reliable, continuous and on-time deliveries according to the customer's requests.


To be stored in original packaging in dry place.

Shelf life: 3 years.

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