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The latest information


The recent indicators for the period January-May 2014 confirm that exports to the EU countries (to Hungary, Italy and Slovenia most) makes 76% of total sales that BENTOPRODUCT LTD has realized within this period. The sales results show continuous rise. BENTOPRODUCT LTD now manufactures and sells monthly about 2,200 tons of finished products. Our products BENTOPRO and BENTOPROCARBO, i.e. foundry bentonite and the radiant carbon carrier for foundries have proven their quality within the extended region. BENTOPRODRILL, the group of products for drilling and geo-technical works produces results at the top world’s products level. BENTOPROSEAL, a group of products for civil engineering gets more and more buyers within the region, while its quality follows the best German products in this category. BP CLARIS, the group of products for food processing industry (agents for clarification of wines and fruit juices) has already found its way to reach the most demanding buyers, so that the juices of the biggest juice producer in the region – NEKTAR from Bačka Palanka (SERBIA) are now clarified by our premium quality product Claris. BP FARMA, the group of bentonite products for application in agriculture (Farma PLUS, Farma GOLD), has shown excellent results in testing for animal feeds pelletizing and as aflatoxin adsorbent and ammonium regulator in ruminants, while these products are very efficient for treatment of cultivable land as well. Development of a product representing a bentonite-based high-quality fill for geo-synthetic liners (GCL) was completed as well, while the achieved results rank with the world’s best products. BENTOPRODUCT LTD plans a dynamic development until the end of the year that should result in 50% rise in sales compared to the sales realized within 2013.