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B-Gran is high-quality granulated bentonite with exceptional properties of moisture absorption and control of unpleasant odors. It is produced of sodium activated bentonite of exceptional purity with high content of the active mineral montmorillonite. B-Gran is most frequently used in production of pet litter and as a desiccant, while it can also be used in any other situation requiring a natural mineral material for absorption of moisture and control of unpleasant odors. The product was made in the form of fine granules in several variants: 0.5-2.0 mm; 2.0-5.0 mm; and


When used as pet litter, it is recommendable to fill the pet toilet box with B-Gran in a layer of minimum 7 cm. When urinating or defecating takes place, granules absorb the liquid very quickly while forming clumps which prevent the liquid and unpleasant odor from further dispersion. The clumps are very firm and can easily be removed with a spatula from toilet box, while leaving the rest of the litter clean. As pet litter, B-Gran shows the following performance:

- It is very efficient in absorbing moisture
- It is very efficient in preventing dispersion of unpleasant odors
- It makes the cleaning of the petsí toilet very easy and simple
- It does not make the petsí fur and claws dirty
- It prevents the growth of bacteria, fungi and parasites
- It is a fully natural material without artificial color or odor
- It provokes no discomfort if swallowed in small quantity.

Production of B-Gran in various granule sizes results in making different types of pet litter depending on the expected effect in its application. Smaller granules absorb liquids quicker and produce more flattish clumps closer to the surface of the litter layer filled in the toilet box.