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BENTOPRODRILL-HDD is a mixture of high-quality bentonite and good-quality and health-safe polymers, which provide ex-traordinary rheological properties, high yielding, gel strength, optimal plastic viscosity and thin clay liner. It is reccomendable for all types of horizontal drilling. With addition of freshwater, the drilling fluid may be used as early as after 10-15 minutes. BENTOPRODRILL-HDD was specifically prepared to generate great yielding and intensive gelling of the freshwater-based drilling  fluid. Small quantities of the product provide extremely thixotrophic solution along with low fluid loss.

BENTOPRODRILL-HDD may be used for all types of HDD drilling with freshwater, in civil engineering/ construction as well as any geotechnical or
other works which require exceptionally yielding drilling fluid with strong gels.
- Small loss of fluid
- Efficient carrying of cuttings to the surface
- Reinforcing the borehole channel walls
- Applicable to all types of soil
- Creating a thin impermeable clay liner on the borehole channel walls
- Facilitating performance of various technical operations and measurements in the borehole channel