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BENTOPRODUCT is a manufacturer of products based on calcium and sodium activated bentonite. We dispose with a raw-material basis of more than 5 million tons of raw bentonite with component of montmorillonite from 70 to 95%. The installed capacity facilitates manufacturing of about 50.000 tons of various products of exceptional quality. The present infrastructure and potential of the raw material deposit facilitate substantial increase of capacity and investment into new production lines.


The BENTOPRODUCT HQ is located in Banjaluka (Republic of Srpska, NW part of Bosnia and Herzegovina), while the manufacturing plant is located in ipovo (80 km from Banjaluka), in the immediate vicinity of the raw material ore deposit.

BENTOPRODUCT is organized in several sectors:
- Manufacturing sector
- Sector of quality control and development
- Sales sector
- Finances and accounting sector
- Sector of general administration and legal affairs


The manufacturing plant was projected based on contemporary scientific knowledge on optimal technical-technological solutions for bentonite processing. Each particular segment of the processing is given specific attention in both project designing of the technological process and in selection of equipment and devices.

Exceptional quality bentonite combined with carefully selected other components and additives making components of the product, as well as precise computer management of all stages of manufacturing provide high degree of control over all relevant parameters that create a recognizable top quality of our products.


In its assortment, BENTOPRODUCT offers following products, given by their application:

- BENTOPRO and BENTOPROCARBO, for application in foundry
- BENTOPRODRILL, for application in drilling
- BENTOPROSEAL, for application in civil engineering
- BP CLARIS, food grade bentonite (fining agent for wine and fruit juices)
- BP FARMA, agriculture grade (additives for cattle feeding and soil treatment)

Within each line, we have several different products. Recipes for manufacturing were carefully compiled, while a modern computerized line for dry powder mixing provides precise dosing of all components and exceptional stability of our products quality.


Bentoproduct R&D team consists of experts from several European countries. All of them possess rich experience in manufacturing and application of bentonite-based products while they have been working on programs, whose realization provides for Bentoproduct's prompt positioning to the very top of European manufacturers within this industry.

BENTOPRODUCT has been investing intensively in the improvement of current products and the development of new bentonite based products and technologies.


Concept of rigorous quality control is based on five levels of control:
- Raw material quality control
- Process control
- Finished product quality control
- Application quality control
- Certification of results by external accreditted laboratories.

Modernly equipped and well-organized laboratory as well as well-trained professional personnel enable us to perform regularly the four control levels, while the fifth level pertains to verification of results by external accreditted laboratories.

Bentoproduct was certified for ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2009 (Environmental Protection Management System) and OHSAS 18001:2007 (Occupational Health and Safety Management System) by the TF certification institution. We have been working intensively on introducing ISO 26001:2010 (Guidelines on Socially Responsible Business).


We want to build business relationship with our customers that is directed toward recognizing common goals and interests, which stimulates common seeking of solutions for eventual difficulties and problems, while particularly stimulating technology-level cooperation.We want our products to continously exceed our buyers' expectations by their quality and organization of delivery. We want through building of partership relations with our suppliers to provide pretty high quality of entry raw materials, sources of energy and services and thereby to create relevant preconditions for achievement and maintenance of top quality of our products.
Customers and suppliers: Bentoproduct makes a desirable business partner.

We want to build a relationship based on mutual trust with our employees, and, taking into account their various needs, to achieve and maintain exceptional working setting in which each individual has a possibility to express their best working quality and abilities. We want to stimulate efficient, effective, constructive and creative approach to performance of work tasks and thereby to facilitate permanent growth and innovation in the work process.
Employees: Bentoproduct is worth working for.

We want to develop awareness of the management and employees on needs of local and broader community and to be sensitive above average when it comes to recognising adequate ways to provide support for providing solutions for current problems within the community.
Community: Bentoproduct understands problems and helps in providing solutions for them.

The overall BENTOPRODUCT business is based on establishment and maintenance of a market-oriented business system aimed at total satisfaction of requirements, needs and expectations of all interested parties along with adherence to applicable regulations and with optimal business expenditures. We want to invest continuously into new manufacturing technologies and conquer new markets realizing above-average business results along with observation of strict norms of business ethics.
Investors amd financial institutions: Bentoproduct is truly worthy of our support.